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Prosperity & Beyond 4-MP3 Bundle

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Rev. Ike's Prosperity and Beyond Bundle includes 4 of his ground-breaking MP3 teachings from this powerful series. 

Prosperity & Beyond #3: Your Prosperity is NOT Determined by World Conditions


Rev. Ike gives you an assignment that will put you on the right path to discovering your prosperity! Do you find yourself going along with the flow? Do your thoughts and actions allow you fit into the world's definition of who it says you are? Rev. Ike explains what happens when you re-condition your personal self-consciousness as it pertains to your prosperity.

Prosperity & Beyond #7: My Joy & Prosperity Are NOT Subject to This World for I Am NOT Subject to This World


Rev. Ike examines the acquisition of riches and wealth from the physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Often we are already receiving, but we are unaware. He also shares his insights into the Scriptures about the man lame from his mothers womb asking alms at the Beautiful gate (Acts 3:2-10) and shares how it pertains to our lives today.

Prosperity & Beyond #9: Faith & Perception


God is constantly asking you, Who are you? Your response to this question shapes your experiences and subsequently shapes your reality. Rev. Ike examines the meanings of perception and self-perception. This is an thought-provoking examination of what our reality really consists of and how that affects our ability to acquire the riches, the health, and the happiness we say we desire. Rev. Ike discusses the esoteric meanings of accusers, neighbors, mother and enemies.

Prosperity & Beyond #10: The Three Levels of Money


Rev. Ike poses some important questions that you should be asking about money. What is money? In addition, more importantly, what are the levels of money? What money ideas buried in your subconscious are ruling your experience with money? How does not knowing the answers to these questions affect your ability to acquire money? Rev. Ike gives you invaluable information about money that will make you free to be, to do, and to have.

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