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Your donation to Rev. Ike Legacy goes to support the continued preservation and distribution of Rev. Ike's powerful teachings world-wide. We have thousands of hours of teachings on film and reel-to-reel that requires special treatment for preservation and eventual conversion to more modern digital formats. Once these teachings are digitized, we have a small team who creates the audio MP3s, edits and publishes new Rev. Ike videos (free to view on YouTube and Facebook), as well as sharing free audio affirmations and lessons through our emails and other social media platforms.

This work entails ongoing overhead expenses for special storage facilities, technical equipment and staff. Every time you make a donation, you are making it possible for us to continue to share Rev. Ike's teachings to the widest audience we can reach.

Every day we receive emails and letters from people telling us how these teaching have changed their lives and of the success and abundance they now enjoy. We hope you feel the same.

NOTE: The mission of Rev. Ike Legacy is no longer operating under a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so any donations made to Rev. Ike Legacy will no longer be tax deductible as of November 8, 2017. We hope that you will continue to support our efforts to preserve and share these teachings.


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