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Master of Money (6 mp3s)

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Would you say no to having more money? Of course not! But without knowing it, that may be what you are doing -- REJECTING money each and every day. In these lessons, you'll discover the barriers in your own mind that are keeping money away from you.

From the very first time you listen to these 6 life-transforming MP3s you'll discover the secrets that will enable you to magnetize your mind for money!

As Rev. Ike reveals the "psychology" of Money, you gain the knowledge -- and the practice -- that will enable you to create a state of mind that has...

...the power to attract success, prosperity and money,

...and the power to keep you on the path of health, happiness and wealth!

...You'll learn how to eliminate your "money rejection complex" (most people have one and aren't aware of it!)'ll discover the pschology of the "N" word -- the one word you should never say about money.'ll repeat powerful, emotional affirmations along with Rev. Ike -- mind conditioning treatments that will reach down past your conscious mind, and condition your subconscious mind for the money you want and deserve!

And to make sure that you never again chase money away on the subconscious level, Rev. Ike teaches you the" Ten Commandments of Money" -- proven principles that you can begin to apply right away, to transform your money situation and your life forever!

Total length: 4 hours 54 minutes.

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What A Great Series!
Steve (Texas) 6/27/2019 9:46 AM
This program will program your mind to accept and look for money. Repeat it often and watch the difference in your life!