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Prosperity and Beyond 4-MP3 Bundle (Lesson 1-4)

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Rev. Ike's Prosperity and Beyond Bundle includes 4 of his ground-breaking MP3 teachings from this powerful series. 

Prosperity & Beyond #1: A New Year Requires New Ideas


It is time to begin working with the Principle of Increase! Rev. Ike shares, “You have more hidden money than you have any idea. Learn to use the Principle of Increase to locate your hidden money and to multiply that money in a never-ending cycle, thank God."  Decide that it is time for you to claim what God has for you this year. Rev. Ike gives you the principles that you can apply right now to change your circumstances for the better.

Prosperity & Beyond #2: Have No Dependence & Trust in Materiality


“For after all these things do the Gentiles seek: for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.”—Matthew 6:32 (King James Version)  Rev. Ike presents the official Science of Living, esoteric interpretation of Matthew 6:32 and explains how it pertains to your prosperity.  Remember, “This year is going to be the same old drag that last year was unless you have a new idea”— Rev. Ike

Prosperity & Beyond #3: Your Prosperity is NOT Determined by World Conditions


Do you find yourself going along with the flow? Do your thoughts and actions allow you fit into the worlds definition of who it says you are? Rev. Ike explains what happens when you re-condition your personal self-consciousness.  How does re-conditioning your self-consciousness pertains to your prosperity?  Rev. Ike gives an assignment that will put you on the right path to discovering your prosperity!

Prosperity & Beyond #4: What Does the Resurrection of Jesus Christ Have to Do With YOUR Prosperity?


Rev. Ike examines the Resurrection from both an esoteric as well as a practical point of view. Do you know that you have a human identity as well as a divine identity?  Rev. Ike lays the groundwork for your personal resurrection. If you are not achieving all that you want, you must understand that you may be operating under a false human identity and accepting false human labels. “I’m having a senior moment.”  Rev. Ike instructs us to cast it down. “Money is hard to get!”  Rev. Ike instructs us to cast it down.

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