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The Disciple Series - 03 James - Developing Your Power of Right Judgement (1 mp3)

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“Every Judgement You Make is Going to Be Fulfilled in Your Own Experience” ~ Rev. Ike

This eye-opening, mind-conditioning mp3 teaching, Your Power of Right Judgement, is the 3rd Lesson in Rev. Ike’s 12-course masterpiece, The Disciple Series — which explores the esoteric (spiritual) meaning of Jesus and the 12 disciples as YOU and the 12 disciplines, functions, qualities or attributes of your mind!

This participatory and highly engaging lesson is the study of Jesus’s 3rd disciple, James, son of Zebedee, who represents the quality of YOUR MIND called judgement — right judgement — wisdom!

What’s in it for YOU?

Rev. Ike goes deep in this lesson with mind-bending, un-masking revelation that your thought is your personal ruling God, and that your mind must be disciplined to see only “I AM” as Christ, power and reality. You must see clearly that “I AM” is the only God, the only power, the only cause…and you must judge only according to that— that is righteous judgement!

This is heavy stuff that will bear some repeating until you can hear it with your inner ear. And Rev. Ike says, “If this doesn’t catch up with you right now, it will!” And catch up it does, as the meanings become clearer and clearer, as Rev. Ike pounds this wisdom into you, through repetition, thorough explanation, and with real life examples that illustrate his teaching in action! 

You Learn How to Judge Righteously!

Rev. Ike reveals the spiritual mean of scripture to teach us that:

  • We must judge not by appearances or by the standards of the world, but rather by righteous judgement
  • We must become blind (and deaf) to negatives, to statistics, blind to the standards and judgements of the world
  • The bible and the gospel of Jesus are Science of Mind — and you must judge according to the Law of Mind, that “As a Man thinks, so is he.”
  • You learn the technique Rev. Ike uses the moment the world mind suggests something negative, or when any suggestion of evil or disorder appears
  • You discover the true meaning of “I AM” as awareness, as consciousness — and learn how to use it correctly

Once You Get a Grip on This, You Are a Master Nothing Else will Master You!

To help you understand more deeply, Rev. Ike explains the practical application of these truths, teaching you that you must mind your own business and stay out of the world’s business (and not to mention other people’s business!)

Through a fascinating story of a medical ‘miracle’ he illustrates the power of denying the appearance of negatives and the world’s judgement. And using another true story, he teaches you how to get people to change by not drawing unnecessary static, “by not passing negative judgement on them, but by seeing the truth in them that is in each of us — the perfect and upright man!”

Powerful Transformative Affirmation Treatment

Finally, you will participate in a dynamic, power-filled affirmative treatment that will discipline James, your spiritual quality of right judgement and wisdom. And as you repeat these words with Rev. Ike, you impress upon your consciousness the positive judgements that you are (I AM) healthy, happy, loving and beloved, successful, prosperous and rich!

And so you will understand in your heart, that your every thought, every statement you make, is a judgement; and as you keep judging, it will materialize in your experience!

Total of 1 downloadable mp3; total length: 57 minutes

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