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The Disciple Series - 04 John - Developing Your Power of Love (1 mp3)

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You Come Out of This Lesson LOVING and FORGIVING Yourself and With a Clean Receptive Consciousness!

 This eye-opening, mind-conditioning teaching, Developing Your Power of Love, is the 4h Lesson in Rev. Ike’s The Disciple Series — which explores the esoteric (spiritual) meaning of Jesus and the 12 disciples as YOU and the 12 disciplines, functions, qualities or attributes of your mind! This participatory and highly engaging lesson is the study of Jesus’s 4th disciple, John, who represents YOUR power of Love.

The Disciple John - and YOU!

Rev. Ike explains that John, the beloved disciple, represents that faculty of love and affection within you. As you listen to explanations of the true meaning of the interactions between Jesus and his disciple, John, and other Scriptural references, you begin to understand and absorb the main idea of this lesson…the TRANSFORMATIVE power of Love and Forgiveness — that includes love and forgiveness for yourself and for others! “When we get through with you, perhaps you'll wonder if you really knew what love was before” ~ Rev. Ike

You Will Learn…

  • how you are supposed to love
  • what it means to love unconditionally
  • how to get past judging outward appearances
  • how to love someone even if you can’t stand some of their ways
  • why you shouldn’t let people walk all over you
  • why and how you must love yourself first — and how to love yourself correctly!
  • how to change people by silently loving the God in them
  • the forgiving aspect of love — and how to forgive yourself — and others!
  • how to have a clean receptive consciousness (that’s open to receive good)!

Powerful Transformative Forgiveness Techniques and Affirmations

As you repeat consciousness raising affirmations with Rev. Ike, you will absorb life-changing truths - deep down in your consciousness! These powerful affirmative prayer treatments will help you to forgive yourself — get rid of guilt complexes and stop persecuting yourself! Do this work with Rev. Ike — and you go out of this lesson forgiven and cleansed — and open to receive the good that you deserve!

So order this powerful mp3 audio lesson now and learn how to develop your Power of Love and Forgiveness — that power that is already yours!

Total of 1 downloadable mp3; total length: 58 minutes

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