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The Disciple Series - 05 Philip - Developing Your Power of Knowing (1 mp3)

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Discover the Secret to Prosperity and Happiness

“The secret is so simple that people stumble over it looking for something complicated.” ~ Rev. Ike

This eye-opening, mind-conditioning teaching, Developing Your Power of Knowing, is the 5th Lesson in Rev. Ike’s The Disciple Series — which explores the esoteric (spiritual) meaning of Jesus and the 12 disciples as YOU and the 12 disciplines, functions, qualities or attributes of your mind! This is the study of Jesus’s 5th disciple, Phillip, who represents YOUR power of expression (your power of knowing).

You Have the Power to Manifest the Good You Desire!

Rev. Ike explains that the disciple, Phillip signifies that quality of your mind that has the knowledge and the power to demonstrate — to manifest and to express — the good that you desire. Through examples, references to the words of Jesus, practical advice, and repetitive affirmations, you begin to understand and absorb the main idea of this lesson - the power of your thoughts! “The thing is in the thought and the thought is in the thing.” ~ Rev. Ike

As you do the work with Rev. Ike, you will come to know that “I and my Father are one”; that the cause and the effect are one; the thought and the thing are of the same nature. This is what your attribute of mind, Philip, must come to understand. And once you understand this, you have the knowledge that prosperous thinking makes prosperous affairs…you have power to demonstrate, you have the power to manifest!

You Will Learn…

  • the secret of the blessed man
  • what you must do to be blessed, prosperous and happy
  • how to deal with negative circumstances
  • how to keep your mind at peace!

To conclude the lesson, you participate in a powerful, affirmative prayer treatment with Rev. Ike that will call your attribute Phillip into action in all of your mind and affairs, consciousness and experience!

So, order this powerful mp3 audio lesson now and learn how to develop your Power of Knowing and Expression — that power that is already yours!

Total of 1 downloadable mp3; total length: 49 minutes

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