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The Disciple Series - 06 Bartholomew - Developing Your Power of Visualization (1 mp3)

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“You have the Power to Visualize the Invisible into Visibility!” ~ Rev. Ike

This eye-opening, mind-conditioning mp3 teaching, Developing Your Power of Visualization, is the 6th Lesson in Rev. Ike’s 12-part teaching, The Disciple Series — which explores the esoteric (spiritual) meaning of Jesus and the 12 disciples as YOU and the 12 disciplines, functions, qualities or attributes of your mind!

This participatory and highly engaging lesson is the study of Jesus’s 6th disciple, Bartholomew, who represents your mental faculty of imagination, which we often call visualization.

Imagination Means “I am MAGIC in Action”

Rev. Ike delves deeply into the importance of using your imagination correctly and explains the many ways you must apply visualization in your daily life. As you listen to his explanations of scripture, discussion of practical examples, and as you repeat affirmations with him — you come to recognize that you have the power to imagine perfect good into expression, manifestation and demonstration!

You will learn of the redeeming power of your imagination, and how to use this power to “redeem the imperfect by perfect seeing” (to see beyond appearances of sickness, lack and sin, and see the perfection of God). And you will learn how to get people and circumstances to change by using this redeeming power!

Rev. Ike uses real-life examples of miraculous healing and an in-depth explanation of how the biblical Jacob created ’speckled cattle” using the secret of the inner eye (imagination). You’ll impress upon your consciousness the truth of “What you see is what you get.”

You’ll also discover that your subconscious mind is a woman and you’ll learn how impregnate it only with positive visions and feelings — so it will give birth to what you want — and not to what you don’t want!

Seeing with the Mind’s Eye

Rev. Ike takes some time to teach from his Study Guide chapter on Visualization, warning you about mis-using your power of imagination and further explaining his visualization techniques! You learn how to be a ’seer’ and how to use visualization to stay youthful and healthy!

Next you participate with Rev. Ike in a powerful, interactive Affirmative Prayer Treatment to make a disciple of your imaginative quality of mind — that will leave you with the inner vision of yourself in total well-being in spirit, mind, body and affairs! Concluding this lesson, you’ll join Rev. Ike in a relaxed, laughter-filled Visualization Treatment, during which you’ll see yourself happy, healthy, prosperous, blessed and successful — and you’ll even take a tropical vacation with Rev. Ike (in your mind) that will leave you conditioned for happiness and all good!

Total of 1 downloadble mp3; total length: 1 hour

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