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The Disciple Series - 10 Thaddaeus - Developing Your Praise Power (1 mp3)

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Activate Your PRAISE Power and Your Cup will OVERFLOW with Prosperity!

This eye-opening, mind-conditioning teaching, titled Developing Your Praise Power, is the 10th Lesson in Rev. Ike’s 12-course banquet of spiritual nourishment, The Disciple Series — which explores the esoteric (spiritual) meaning of Jesus and the 12 disciples as YOU and the 12 disciplines, functions, qualities or attributes of your mind!

This participatory and highly engaging lesson is the study of Jesus’s disciple, Thaddeus, who represents YOUR Praise Power

The Disciple Thaddeus - and YOU!

Rev. Ike explains that the disciple Thaddeus, represents that faculty of praise (and the power of your word) within you. You listen to Rev. Ike’s revelation of the true meaning of the interactions between Jesus and his disciples and hear Rev. Ike’s spirited discussions of David’s praise-filled psalms. And as you participate in powerful affirmations, you begin to understand and absorb the main idea of this lesson…
…that you are under the Law of Your Own Thought — and you can take the God-power that’s in your mouth (your words) and use it for you or against you — and that you must live by the Law of Praise instead of a law of fear!

Just a little Pentecostal…

It should be noted that sometimes as he teaches this lesson, Rev. Ike gets carried away by the spirit and gets a little “pentecostal.”  As he says, “I meant to teach, but I feel the evangelist right now.” Lots of emotion and spiritual excitement!  “Think God's thoughts. Think good thoughts. Discipline your mind to praise God, to praise good to keep you out of trouble!” ~ Rev. Ike

You Will Learn…

  • fascinating examples of the power of praise
  • why and how you must praise yourself — and others!
  • how to use praise to PRAY effectively (with examples)
  • how to live in a continual attitude of praise
  • how to use praise to eliminate fear!
  • how praise can heal spiritually, mentally and physically!

Powerful Transformative Affirmation Treatment

As the conclusion of this lesson, you will participate in a dynamic, power-filled affirmative treatment to discipline Thaddeus, your mind quality of praise, by actually praising God and making praise a continual thing! Your consciousness will be transformed!

Total of 1 downloadable mp3; total length: 29 minutes

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