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The Disciple Series - 11 Simon - Developing Your Zealous Hearing (1 mp3)

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Magnetize Your Ears for Prosperity and All Good!

This mind-conditioning teaching, The Zealous Hearer of Good News, is the 11th Lesson in Rev. Ike’s 12-part teaching The Disciple Series — which explores the esoteric (spiritual) meaning of Jesus and the 12 disciples as YOU and the 12 disciplines, functions, qualities or attributes of your mind! This short, but powerful, participatory lesson is the study of Jesus’s disciple, Simon the Canaanite, who represents YOUR Power to hear only Good News (with your inner ear).

Your Power to ‘Hearalize’

Rev. Ike begins with a review of his eye-opening revelation of who Jesus really is — and it’s not the Jesus you were taught in Sunday School!  You learn that Jesus is not just a theological or historical figure — Jesus (the Christ) is that God-conscious mind within YOU! Jesus is the mastermind in YOU!

Rev Ike then introduces you to Jesus’s disciple, Simon the Canaanite — who represents “your inner ear, disciplined, trained and taught to hear the good news that the good we desire for ourselves and others is already manifested.”  When you ‘visualize” you see that which you desire, in your inner mind — so you must also hear (or hearalize) that which you desire with your inner ear!

Through practical examples and affirmations, you’ll learn:

  • how to apply this “hearalize” technique when you visualize — to get a new car, for example!
  • how to deal with criticism from others
  • how to have a state of consciousness that never hears (believes) negative circumstances, or negative criticism — but only hears God, hears Good!
  • “Everything that you see with your inner eyes or hear with your inner ears, the higher law, the most High God, responds to it by giving you that, according to its nature” — and you learn how to use this faculty of ‘inner hearing’ to manifest the good that you desire.

Consciousness Raising Affirmative Prayer Treatment

Concluding this lesson, you engage in a powerful affirmative treatment, that will make a disciple of Simon — will discipline your inner ear — to hear only good news. You will treat for friends and loved ones — and finally treat for yourself — for some specific condition in your life you want to hear good news about! You will magnetize your ears for love, prosperity, good health, money, and all good!

So order this powerful mp3 audio lesson now and learn how to use your God-give power of right hearing to get what you want out of life!

Total of 1 downloadable mp3; total length: 23 minutes

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