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The Disciple Series - 00 Intro - Your Twelve-Fold Divine Power (1 mp3)

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This lesson is available for FREE on YouTube (2 videos below description) but due to popular demand, we are also offering it as a complete downloadable mp3.

“This Will Open Your Eyes, Raise Your Consciousness and Blow Your Mind!” ~ Rev. Ike

This is the introductory session of a 12-lesson study called “Your Twelve-fold Divine Power” based on the esoteric (spiritual) interpretation that Jesus and the 12 disciples are YOU and the twelve disciplines (or functions) of your mind!  A REVOLUTIONARY idea!

You Learn the Inner (Esoteric) Meaning of God, Jesus, and The Disciples

Rev. Ike begins this lesson with his mind-blowing, eye-opening revelation that the Bible is a book about you and the way your mind works. That on the esoteric level, all of the characters, places and events represent various aspects of the operation of the mind of God in man!

 He shares with you his understanding of Jesus — and it’s not the Jesus you learned about in Sunday school! You’ll learn that Jesus is not just a theological or historical figure — Jesus (the Christ) is that God-conscious mind within YOU! Jesus is the mastermind in YOU!

 As he reveals to you the esoteric meaning of the Bible as a book of spiritual psychology, he goes on to explain that the 12 Disciples represent the 12 functions, attributes or faculties of your own mind.

 Each of these faculties must be recognized, must be taught, must be trained and thus called into ‘discipleship’ by YOU — so that they may serve you — and that is the purpose of this study!

 “You Have a Job to do and Unless You Do It You’re Going to Suffer” ~ Rev. Ike

 Your twelve mind functions must be disciplined, made disciples — and if you don’t do this — these functions will keep your life messed up and confused. This is the job you must do, it’s an inside job, it’s a daily job — and this is the work that Rev. Ike will help you do over the twelve sessions of this study!

Preparing you for the lessons to come, Rev Ike describes the four steps you must take to discipline the attributes of your mind and explains them in detail:

  • Step 1 - Recognize them. “What you Recognize you Energize”
  • Step 2 - Summon or Call them (as Jesus did) — and give them instructions
  • Step 3 - Teach and train them. Tell your mind what to think. Call on all the positive truths that you know and practice them!
  • Step 4 – Study. Successful living is a way of thinking — and Rev. Ike will teach you that way of thinking!

This lesson gives you an overview of the marvelous in-depth teaching to come in subsequent sessions. Rev. Ike throws many new, esoteric and eye-opening concepts at you somewhat quickly in this introductory lesson — this is heavy stuff — so don’t expect to fully absorb everything immediately as you listen to this session. But all will become beautifully clear to you in subsequent lessons, as Rev. Ike takes time to explain in depth the spiritual meaning of each individual disciple (mental faculty) and how it applies to your life.

And as you participate in these subsequent lessons with Rev. Ike, you will learn how to command (control) your mind, you will give power to your 12 faculties, and you will become a master of your mind and master of your life!

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